Pasquale Freda scholarship

Pasquale Freda

I dedicate this scholarship to my parents who gave me so much and so much they could not give me because they did not have.

To my father for his example of honesty and integrity.

To my mother, I remain eternally grateful for her positive influence in my life. From her I learned the meaning of generosity and selflessness that led me to this initiative.

Little more than a child, I left the village of San Nicola Baronia - a little rural town in southern Italy in the Irpinia region (Avellino) - where I was born, and became aware of other values and dimensions beyond the borders and customs of the village.

Little more than a teenager I landed in the United States, a country that not only adopted me, but also taught me a new prospect of life and I soon adapted myself to the new world. A true metamorphosis.

Life as an immigrant can be hard and at times without hope. The difficulties are many and always in front of you but it is the determination and ability to adapt to local culture that transform the individual, opening up to a broader vision exploring new opportunity and creating new goals to achieve.

Life is not what happens to you, it's what you make of it. Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.

America not only welcomed me but did expanded my self esteem, offering opportunities to which I replied adapting to the American way, where meritocracy is a valid instrument, well defined, honored. America has allowed me to emerge, with meritocracy and hard work.

Therefore, in gratitude, I have created and funded this scholarship and provide the opportunity to young people, sannicolesi and neighboring, to emerge with the help of, a diverse, more comprehensive academic studies and with the experience acquired living abroad.

This scholarship is an extraordinary gesture without precedent and without any pretense or rewards other then the gratifying sense of altruism.

The benefits of this scholarship will last a lifetime of the recipient and extend on his/hers next generation. Young people are the resources of the future. The future is a reflection of our investment in young people today. Giving is the mirror image of ourselves.

Thank you

I am very thankful to these who helped me transform this idea to reality:

My Family, who have encouraged me to create and fund this initiative before everything and before everyone

Miria Fucina for understand the meaning of altruism.

Pat (Pasquale) Pannese always available for a personal support.

Cathryn Griffith, for the enormous moral support throughout the process.

Sarah Lemieux, for so much energy that she has given me and for her enthusiasm which has encouraged me to fulfill this project.

The staff of Boston University Development & Alumni Relations.

Anne Corriveau, Office of International student's Admissions, Boston University, for her personal commitment as well as professional

Angelo Archidiacono, for having always believed in the positive results, for his support and energy spent for the sole interest and welfare of young students sannicolesi